VIDEO: Saints charity cruise could get awkward

By John Breech / CBSSports.com

This cruise poster could be a collector's item someday. (Facebook)

This cruise poster could be a collector's item someday. (Facebook)

If you think you have bad luck, you don't, at least not compared to the promoters of the first-ever 'Saints Ahoy Celebrity Fan Cruise' There's a good chance this first-ever 'Celebrity Fan Cruise' is going to be the last-ever 'Celebrity Fan Cruise' and you'll understand why once you see the guest list.

Here's the guest list: 

Lance Moore: No longer a Saint

Roman Harper: No longer a Saint

Darren Sharper: In Jail

Kenny Stills: Still a Saint

The guest list for the March 13 cruise was originally annouced back in October, but as you can imagine, the 'Saints Ahoy Charity' has had to make some minor modifications. For one, Sharper is no longer invited on the cruise. There's a lot of reasons Sharper can't go, you can catch up on those here.

Sharper won't be there, but the show must go on. So if you're a Saints fan and you want to hang out with two former Saints on a five-day, four-night, $579.93 trip, then this is the cruise for you. Just remember to wear your Kenny Stills jersey. 

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